Teacher of the Year


Moultrie Middle School Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Dede Grow, Guidance Counselor


     I began teaching in 1992 in a middle school setting as a German teacher, which quickly spun into other classes such as Life Skills, Study Skills, Journalism, Careers, and even Health (definitely a Renaissance Teacher).  I finally moved on to high school, where I began teaching only German  I-V  for years, and loved every moment of it!  After moving and working a two year stint as a curriculum coach in Horry County Schools, I landed here in Mount Pleasant and came to Moultrie Middle a year and half ago for a two week stint substituting as a counselor which turned into 6 months, and in that time, I was hooked!  Upon realizing they weren't getting rid of me, they decided to offer me a more permanent position, and now I am so fortunate to have found TWO career passions in my professional lifetime...teaching and now, counseling!!