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Nutritional Information 2016-2017

Nutritional Information 2016-2017


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Overnight Field Trip Information

Link:Medication on Field trips-Parent Information- School Copy revised 4-15.docx

Health/Medical Forms and Information

Parent Information For Medications and Medical Procedures and Medication/Procedure

Doctor's Orders - The Charleston County School District has established a policy (JLCD) identifying procedures for the safe administration of medications and/or medical procedures performed during school hours. No student shall carry medicine in school except for students given permission to do so by the Individualized Healthcare Plan to guard against a life-threatening condition.

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School Exclusion List

Link: DHEC Information and School Exclusion List

This list indicates for which illnesses a child must be kept out of school.  This is called exclusion.
The list also 
indicates when medical notes are needed for children to return to school after certain illnesses. The information in this brochure applies to students in 1st through 12th grades who are not considered “medically fragile.”

Immunization Requirements
Link: Vaccinations Needed for School Admission
New SC Law: Tdap Vaccine is required for all students before starting 7th grade.

Head Lice Information
How to recognize and treat head lice

A handout from the Health Services Department
Link: Lice Information: recognizing and treating lice