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Really brief, I've been married since 1994 and have two kiddos. I'm an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher at Moultrie Middle School and also an adjunct instructor of history at Trident Technical College. Every Thursday afternoon, from 3:30 - 4:30, I will be facilitating a Chess Club in my classroom (C-110) for any student interested in learning and/or playing chess.

I've earned undergraduate degrees from New York State University (BA) and the University of Cincinnati (BS). I also earned my masters degree from the University of Northern Kentucky (MA). I have been Nationally Board Certified since 2008. I am a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and served active and reserve duty in the U.S. Navy from 1991 to 1999. This is my fourteenth year teaching at MMS and my twenty-fourth year in the teaching profession. 

Traveling is my passion and I've literally been around the world.  My scholarly travels include a Fulbright to West Africa (Sierra Leone and the Republic of Guinea) in 2008, a Transatlantic Outreach Program "TOP" study tour with the Goethe- Institut to Germany in 2011, a National Consortium for Teaching About Asia "NCTA" study tour to the People's Republic of China and South Korea in 2012, and most recently a Keizai Koho Center study tour to Japan in 2014.  For the future, I plan on returning to South Korea with the Korean War Digital History Project. I also enjoy hiking and frequent the Appalachian Trail on section hikes.  My Trail Name is "Wrong Way" .... it's a long story :)  As for hobbies, I enjoy gardening, going on walkabouts, of course traveling and as you can imagine learning about history.  I'm also a beekeeper and enjoy working with bee colonies with the final reward of harvesting honey from my garden.  
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Due Date                            Assignments 
Tuesday, November 13th     Students need to thoroughly read Chapter 2, Lesson 3
                                                          and be prepared for a two-question Pop Quiz 
Wednesday, November 14th                Colonial SC Politics & Economy Quiz
                                                                  (Chapter 2, Lessons 2 & 3)
Friday, November 16th     Students need to thoroughly read Chapter 2, Lesson 4
                                                           and be prepared for a two-question Pop Quiz 

                                       HISTORY ROX!

Honors Students only (NHD Project)!

ational History Day website:

Wednesday, October 10th       NHD Notebook Check & Commitment Form

Friday, October 12th                NHD Basic Research on 3 sample topics due

Wednesday, October 17th        NHD Team Form #1 & Scavenger Hunt due

Wednesday, October 24th        NHD Team Form #2 & 6 Annotated Sources

Wednesday, November 7th      NHD 4 Annotated Sources & Interview Plan

Wednesday, November 14th    NHD Team Form #3 & Rough Draft of Project

Tuesday, November 27th         NHD 10 Annotated Sources (20 Total)

Wednesday, November 28th    NHD Completed Interview

Friday, December 7th              NHD Process Paper & Annotated Bib. due

Thursday, December 13th       NHD Project and Process Paper are due!

Thursday, December 13th                       MOULTRIE HISTORY DAY !!!!!

Saturday, February 9th Regional Level Competition, Charleston Southern U.
Saturday, April 6th  State Level Competition, Westwood HS Blythewood, SC
June 9th - 13th  National Competition, University of Maryland, Washington D.C.