Attendance FAQ's

Attendance FAQ’s

 Q:   Why do I get phone calls about attendance?

A:   Attendance calls are made for 2 reasons: to make sure your student is safe and to remind you to send notes for absences. 

       - If your student is marked absent in homeroom, you will receive a call from the school that morning.  This call is a safety check for us to make sure your student is where they should be. 

      -  If your student is marked absent in any period during the day, the district generates a call around 6PM to report these absences. You may view the detail of the days absences on ParentPortal. 

       In either case, please call or send a note to school to update/correct your student’s attendance.

Q:   Do I have to send a note for an absence?

A:   Yes.  Anytime a student is absent from school a note must be submitted within 3 days of the student’s return to school.  Even if you call the school, a note should always be sent when the student returns to school.

Q:   What should an absence note include?

A:   Notes should include student’s full name, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, parent/guardian full name and signature and phone number.

Q:    How many absences can a student have?

A:    10 = total number of parent excuses allowed
          5 = total cumulative number of unexcused or unlawful absences to be considered truant
          3 = total consecutive number of unexcused or unlawful absences to be considered truant
 18 = total number of absences of any kind will cause review for chronic absenteeism


Q:    Do I need a medical note every time my student is absent?

A:    No, but parents are only allowed 10 excuses per year, so medical notes are helpful.

Q:    What do all those attendance codes in ParentPortal and on the report card  mean?

A:   A = unverified (no note received)
      E = excused
      M = Medical
      D = Court
      B = Bereavement
      K = Religious
      U = Unexcused
      V = School Activity

Q:   What is considered an excused absence?

A:    Excused absences: illness of student, medical or dental appointments, court appearance, death in the immediate family, Observance of religious holiday, activities approved by the administrative team.
        Unexcused absences: absence without knowledge of parent, absence without acceptable cause even with knowledge of parent, homebound/homebased students who are not available for planned sessions