Attendance Information and Procedures


We can no longer update attendance from phone calls or texts.  You must send a note with your student when they return to school.  The note must include your student's name, dates of absence(s), reason for absences and parent signature.

Regular attendance is critical to academic success.  It is also required for promotion and/or credit.  Students in grades K-8 may not be eligible for promotion if they have more than ten (10) unlawful and/or unexcused absences.

Absences are defined as lawful (Excused, unexcused) or unlawful.  An unlawful absence is one where no note of explanation is received from the parent/guardian.  Lawful absences are ones for which a note has been received.

Lawful absences are those involving: illness of student, medical appointment, death of immediate family member, court appearances, religious holiday.  Unexcused absences are any that do not meet the previous criteria or absences in excess of 10 days without medical or legal documentation.

Students are considered truant if they accrue 3 consecutive days or 5 cumulative days of unlawful or unexcused absences.

Student Attendance Responsibilities:

  1. Attend all classes, arriving on time for each period or with a pass.
  2. Turn excuse notes in to Homeroom teacher on your first day back after an absence.
  3. Makeup work in a timely fashion.

Parent Attendance Responsibilities:

  1. Get your student to school on time.School starts at 8:30AM.Students are considered tardy at 8:31AM.
  2. If your student must be late, walk them in to the office to sign them in or send a signed note explaining the reason for tardiness.  No signature or note will result in an unexcused absence.
  3. Send a signed excuse note or a doctor’s note on the day your student returns.The note should include the student’s full name, the date(s) of absence, reason for absence and yours or the doctor’s signature.

School Attendance Responsibilities:

  1. School will maintain current and correct attendance on each student for each period.
School will follow up with parent and student when attendance issues arise.