Early Dismissal Procedures

Early Dismissals:  Students that sign out before 12Noon and do not sign back in later that day will be considered absent from school for that day.

Student responsibilities: 

  1. Bring notes for early dismissal to the office during homeroom.
  2. Be aware of the time of your early dismissal and leave class at that time, not before.
  3. Leave class quietly

Parent Responsibilities:

  1. Plan dismissals for non-class times.  See Bell Schedule for class times.
  2. Provide a signed note with the following information: Student’s full name, Homeroom teacher, Time of dismissal, Date of dismissal.
  3. Provide the school with a list of adults allowed to pick up your child. If someone other than the parent is picking the student up, please indicate this on the note.If that person is not on your approved list, the school will contact you to confirm .
  4. Sign your student out. Be prepared to show your driver’s license or other photo ID.
  5. In the event that a note is not brought to the office, students will not be called out of class until a parent arrives to sign them out.This allows all students to get the most out of their time in class.

Moultrie Front Office Responsibilities:

  1. Front office desk workers will request ID from all adults signing students out.T his ID will be checked against the approved list provided by the parent. If the name of the person is not on the approved list, the parent will be called.
  2. Front office workers will call students out of class only during non-instructional times, that is between classes.