Non-School sponsored Activity absences

Absence Excuse Guidelines
for Non-School Sponsored Activities

At Moultrie we have many students that are active in the community through sports, arts, and volunteering activities.  While we do not want to penalize students for pursuing talents, academics must be our primary concern and excessive absences can negatively impact academics.

Per CCSD attendance policy, absences other than illness, medical appointments, court appearances, religious holiday, or death in the immediate family are not considered excused.  However principals can approve absences due to extracurricular activities or extenuating circumstances.

Moultrie’s guidelines on extracurricular activities and extenuating circumstances are as follows:

These activities will be considered parentally excused if ALL of the following are met:

  1. Student has a “B” average in all classes at the time of the absence.
  2. Parent has provided note requesting absence to the attendance office at least 1 week prior to the absence.
  3. Activity, sport or competition must have an equivalent CCSD or collegiate representation or be through a recognized organization.
  4. Proof of participation is provided to the attendance office within 3 days of absence.  Proof can be note from coach or artistic director on organization letterhead or article mentioning student by name.  Documentation is the responsibility of the parent.  School staff will not access websites for proof of participation.
  5. No more than 3 full days will be excused under these guidelines.  These absence will count towards the total allowed by parents (10)
  6.  Students must not already have excessive absences or be truant by CCSD policy/state law.
  7. Absences due to these events that occur during the first 10 days of school, state testing periods or the last 10 full days of school will not be excused.

Normal truancy policy will be in effect; therefore, parentally excused absences in excess of 10 full days will be considered as truant.

CCSD sponsored activities will be considered as school activities and will not count as absences from school, but must still have verification from the CCSD authorized coach or artistic director