Erin's Law

Erin's Law: Letter to Parents
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Erin’s Law and Comprehensive Health Education:
Section 59-32-20(B) of the South Carolina Code of Laws
Charleston County School District Overview and Implementation

In August 2014, the South Carolina Legislature passed legislation known as Erin’s Law to assist in protecting and educating students on child sexual abuse. Section 59-32-30(G) of the South Carolina Code of Laws was amended so as to provide that “beginning with the 2015–2016 school year, districts annually shall provide age appropriate instruction in sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention to all students in four-year-old kindergarten, where offered, through twelfth grade.”

“The intent of the law is to give students skills in knowing how to stay safe from sexual assault and how to report any incidents of sexual assault” (Comprehensive Health Education Instructional Units and Resources for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention Standards and Performance Indicators, p. 2).

Charleston County School District recognizes the sensitivity of the mandated subject matter in Erin’s Law. It is the goal of CCSD to provide age appropriate instruction, as well as, transparency of the related instructional resources to CCSD families. If you would like information about the instructional materials that will be used to address Erin’s Law in your child’s school, please contact your child’s principal.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to discuss all health safety topics with their children in coordination with the health and safety curriculum sequence. Specific to Erin’s Law, The Committee for Children and Darkness to Light (D2L) provides excellent resources for parents and families. Links to these resources are included here:

Committee for Children - information on abuse prevention.

Darkness to Light - Prevent Child Sexual Abuse