Summer Reading

boys in sand reading

Students are required to complete the Summer Reading Assignment for the grade level they will be in during the 2017-2018 school year.

6th Graders:   2017_6th Grade Summer Reading Assignment.pdf


7th Graders:   2017_7th Grade Summer Reading Assignment.pdf

8th Graders:  2017_8th Grade Summer Reading Assignment.pdf

 9th Graders:     Wando, Academic Magnet, School of the Arts, and other
                                   high schools have required summer assignments for many
                    of their courses.  Be sure to check their websites.


Here are some optional Summer Reading opportunities from Charleston County Public Library and Charleston County School District which include PRIZES for all readers and RECOGNITION of top readers.
Charleston County Public Library's Build a Better World Summer Reading Program
 is for students entering grades 6-12. Read anything you like and win cool prizes, free food, passes to local attractions, and gift cards. There will be weekly prize drawings, grand prize drawings, and rewards for reaching your reading goal. The more you read, the more you can win!

There are also summer reading contests
for younger children and adults

In addition to the summer reading contest, the Charleston County Public Library provides access to 
FREE digital downloads of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and music!  

Charleston County School District encourages students to read all summer long by participating in Build a Better World Summer Reading Program.  It is coordinated with the public library program so that students can double their chance of winning prizes!

2017 CCSD Summer Reading Cover Letter.pdf
2017 CCSD Summer Reading Cover Letter in Spanish.pdf

  Students -- all you have to do is keep a reading log of everything you read between May 13 - August 26, 2017, tally your total pages read, and turn it in to your teacher librarian, Mrs. Lebron, by August 30th.  Here is a reading log you may use, but you may record your reading on any piece of paper.  Staff, you may participate in a separate Staff Summer Reading Contest!  Keep a log of what you read between May 13 - August 26, 2017 and turn the log in to Mrs. Lebron by August 30th.   Here's a reading log if you would like to use it.

The school district will recognize the top 3 summer readers
at a board meeting and award these prizes:
3rd place - $50.00, trophy, certificate
2nd place - $100.00, trophy, certificate
1st place - $150.00, trophy, certificate

Moultrie Middle School Library will reward Moultrie's top student summer reader by allowing him or her to select $50.00 of books from the fall book fair.  Moultrie's top staff summer reader will also get to select $50.00 of books from the book fair.

Moultrie has had CCSD's top summer reader twice in the past five years.  Students -- this summer it could be you!